Prompt 6: Final Reflections

Prompt 6: Final Reflections

Here is your prompt for Week 6: March 2 – 8.

In your Week 6 blog post:

  • Take some time to reflect back to the start of our Reflective Writing Club.
  • What were your objectives for this experience? Do you feel that you have achieved them?
  • Discuss any unexpected outcomes you have had as a result of the Reflective Writing Club.
  • Discuss any new or improved skills you’ve acquired through this blogging club and share how they will contribute to your work.

Before next Friday, March 2nd, complete all 4 steps on the Weekly Assignment list.



Prompt 5: Unplugging

Prompt 5: Unplugging

This week’s prompt is inspired by this sketchnote by Tanmay Vora (@tnvora).

Unplug sketchnote


Here is your prompt for Week 5: February 13-March 1.

In your Week 5 blog post:

  • Share your strategies for unplugging. All ideas are welcome, big and small.
  • Perhaps you’d like to present your ideas this week in the form of a sketchnote? Some of our club members (@KatiePala) have been participating in the #SketchCUE challenge to learn this cool form of expression. Maybe you’d like to join in?

Before next Friday, March 2nd, complete all 4 steps on the Weekly Assignment list.



Prompt 4: Beautiful Mistakes

Prompt 4: Beautiful Mistakes

Here is your prompt for Week 4: February 16-22.

Mistakes are part of life. They happen every single day. We have conditioned ourselves to hide them, even feel shameful about them. But our mistakes are what lead us to the most valuable learning experiences of all.

In your Week 4 blog post:

  • Reflect on your professional experiences and identify one mistake that, while may have been painful at the time, resulted in growth and development.
  • Discuss how you, as an educator, might (or do) frame mistakes as valuable (and good) in your professional role.

Before next Friday, February 23rd, complete all 4 steps on the Weekly Assignment list.

Your Mid-Point Feedback, Please!

Check out the great line-up of sessions @ONE has planned for CCC Digital Learning Day on February 22nd! Registration is now open (and it’s free and open to the public!).


Prompt 3: The Impact of Digital Technologies

Prompt 3: The Impact of Digital Technologies

A Look Back at Week Two

I know, I know — this week went fast didn’t it? As spring gets closer and our days get longer, they sure do feel shorter. Fewer of you responded to Prompt 2 and I’m hopeful we’ll see some additional posts show up in our blog feed soon. Remember to include #CCCWrite in your post somewhere, ok? That is part of what triggers your post to appear in our blog feed.

On to Week 3!

Here is your prompt for Week 3: February 9-15.

In recent years, digital tools have changed what we do and how we do it. When I started teaching in 2002, I never would have dreamed that I’d be sharing videos of myself and reflecting with educators around the world through something called a blog. Yet, here we are! For this post, take some time to reflect on your professional role (or roles) and the ways that digital technologies have impacted you.

In your Week 3 blog post,

  • Compare your current professional experiences with your professional experiences at the beginning of your career.
  • Discuss how digital technologies have impacted what you do professionally and how you do it.
  • Has your professional identity shifted at all as a result of the emergence of digital technologies? What about who you interact with and how you interact with them?

Before next Friday, February 16th, complete all 4 steps on the Weekly Assignment list.

Check out the great line-up of sessions @ONE has planned for CCC Digital Learning Day on February 22nd!


Prompt 2: Conferencing

Prompt 2: Conferencing

A Look Back at Week One

You all made week one of our Reflective Writing Club a smashing success! I have been touched by the deep reflections you shared this past week in response to Prompt 1: What do you know now that you wish you’d known then? Did you see Sheri Edward’s great slide deck of her her takeaways from our first week? I hope you’re feeling more confident about blogging and more connected to our community (like I am!).

On to Week 2!

Here is your prompt for Week 2: February 2-8.

This week, I attended the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative conference in New Orleans, along with about 800 other educators. While I was there, I tried to visualize all of the knowledge being exchanged through the presenter-attendee and attendee-attendee interactions. I wondered where all of this knowledge goes once the event is over.

Conferences are a valuable part of professional learning. At conferences we make and sustain valuable professional relationships, gain insights about how different institutions are tackling familiar problems, and learn about emerging research and practices in our field.  However, attending conferences is expensive, making it a privilege to which many faculty and staff at underfunded institutions do not have regular access. Given this, sharing what we learn from a conference experience is even more important.

In your Week 2 blog post,

  • Discuss the role that attending conferences plays in your professional learning
  • Reflect on one valuable conference experience you had and discuss why you found it valuable.
  • Let us know what happens once your conference experience is over. Do you share what you’ve learned and, if so, how and with whom?

Before next Friday, February 9th, complete all 4 steps on the Weekly Assignment list.

rear view mirror

Prompt 1

Prompt #1: What do you know now that you wish you had known then?

Making connections across different points in time is a powerful reflective practice. Your first prompt will encourage you to think back on your life and identify aspects of your personal and professional growth. Identify a time in your past and think critically about differences between then and now. How have you changed? What do you know now that you wish you had known then about yourself, your profession, other people, technology, or life in general?

You may be as creative as you’d like in your blog post. You may choose to integrate a brief video to enhance your writing or embed an image that contextualizes your reflections. Have fun. 🙂

This prompt will also serve as an ice breaker for our learning community. By reading each others’ posts and leaving comments on them, you will get to know one another and begin to make meaningful connections.

Things to keep in mind for your post:

If you need some help this week…

  • Post in the Q&A Discussion: Navigate over to our Canvas Course (be sure you’ve self-enrolled using the link I emailed to you). From the homepage, click on Discussions in the left navigation menu and add your question to the Q&A discussion.
  • Join the live Q&A support session on Tuesday: I will be attending the ELI conference in New Orleans next week and Todd Conaway has generously offered to lead a support session in our Club Lounge on Tuesday, 1/30 2pm PT/ 5pm ET.  Join in and ask your questions live. To get to our Club Lounge, log into our Canvas Course and click on Club Lounge in the left navigation.  Let’s hear it for Todd’s awesome community contribution! Thanks, Todd!

Before next Friday, February 2nd:

  1. Write and publish a post on your own blog in response to this prompt. Be sure to add the tag #CCCWrite to your post.
  2. Tweet the link to your post (not the link to your blog, but your specific post) and include the hashtag #CCCWrite.
  3. Comment on your peers’ CCCWrite blog posts! Each week, be sure to read and comment on several of your peers’ posts. Getting comments is one of the most rewarding parts of blogging and these interactions are what will make you feel like you are part of a community of your peers. There are several ways you can follow and interact with our CCCWrite posts.  Choose the option below that works for you or try them all!
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  4. Reply to every comment you receive on your blog. Don’t leave your peers hanging! Be mindful and appreciative of the time your peers have taken to read and comment on your thoughts. Be considerate of their view points and ask for clarification if you don’t quite understand their point of view or want to learn more.

These four steps are also available on the Weekly Assignment list.