Get Started with Twitter

If you are ready to get started with Twitter, I recommend reading the Twitter Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Then proceed to Twitter and create your free account.

Here is a list of what you’ll need and a few tips too!

  • Your Name. As you build your professional identity, you will likely want people to be able to find you. By using your name, your account will have more credibility. Other educators will shy away from following an anonymous account, as it is often a sign of spam.
  • Phone or Email
  • Username. You’ll be prompted to select your Twitter username. Your username is the identity that will represent you on Twitter and will be preceded with an @ sign (although your name will also appear on your profile page). My Twitter username is @brocansky and this is my Twitter profile page. Twitter has hundreds of millions of users so it may take more time than you expect to select a username that has not yet been taken. Many people use their first and last name as their username (if it’s available). Others get more creative. The choice is yours but it’s good to try to identify a username that is logical so people can remember it. Your Twitter username will also be used to create the link to your Twitter profile page (which you can share on your blog!). Your profile page will follow this formula: (mine is
  • Profile image/avatar. You may choose to use a photo of yourself, a digital avatar, or an image that represents something about you.

Once your account is set up, take some time to review the Twitter Getting Started Guide. Before you leave the guide and come back to this page, be sure you understand the following basic terms: Tweet, Retweet, Follow, Hashtag.