Learning With Your Community

flock of flamingos

A wise person (whose name I do not know) once said, "Your comfort zone is your danger zone." As educators teaching at a time of continuous change, we must be vigilant about the importance of trying new things. As a member of the Reflective Writing Club, you are part of a community of educators exploring digital writing through blogging. There are no experts in our community, as we all are learners! Each of us will need help and it's important to know that we are here for one another.

How to Get Support

As you encounter questions, please pause and consider how you might go about finding an answer. You have many options!

  1. Go to our Canvas course and ask a question/start a discussion or meet me in the Club Lounge. If you are not yet enrolled, please check your email for the self-enrollment link or contact me.
  2. Register for the following @ONE webinars. They are free but require advanced registration. Archives will be available after a few days on the @ONE YouTube webinars playlist.
  3. Use the wonderful support resources provided by the blog platform you are using. Bookmark that page and have it handy.
  4. Twitter-related questions -
  5. Your peers - Use Twitter to tap into the collective wisdom of your community!
    • Subscribe to the #CCCWrite Twitter list.
      • Tip! Subscribing to a Twitter list is different from following users. When you subscribe to a list, you can view a feed of list member's most recent Tweets by clicking on the list. When you return to your Twitter homepage, Tweets sent by list members will not appear unless you choose to follow them individually. To get to your Lists, click on your Twitter name (this takes you to your profile page: twitter.com/YourUserName) and select Lists (in the bar to the right of your profile picture).
    • Send your question in a Tweet. In your Tweet, include our hashtag #CCCWrite and mention (include the Twitter username, starts with @) of one or more community members who may be able to assist you. Here's an example: "What's a good resource for photos for blog posts? #CCCWrite @katiepala @brocansky"
      • If you're not sure who to mention, here are a few suggested community members:
  6. Of course, you can always contact me directly too. I'm here for you!

Let's be there for each other!