WordPress is a beloved open-source blogging software used by new and veteran bloggers. Using WordPress as a newbie comes along with a steeper learning curve and additional unfamiliar terminology. You can use the WordPress software by setting up a blog on WordPress.com or WordPress.org. If you choose WordPress.org, you will need to purchase your own personal domain and configure it for your new site (this can be a lot to ask for a rookie blogger). You can get started with a free account on WordPress.com and upgrade your account if you feel the need for more features. Edublogs is another option too. Edublogs uses WordPress to fuel its service and is designed for teachers. You can set up a free blog of your own at Edublogs and then as you grow, you can choose to upgrade to a premium platform. One of the most beloved aspects of Edublogs is that it offers educators an easy and secure way for students to create and share blogs too!

Support for WordPress is provided by the global WordPress community of users.