Hi everyone! My name is Michelle Pacansky-Brock (otherwise known as @brocansky). I am Faculty Mentor, Digital Innovation for @ONE (Online Network of Educators). I have the privilege of supporting faculty and staff throughout the CCC system to mindfully experiment with digital tools and consider how they are reshaping the skills educators and students need to be successful.

I’ll be your guide through this 6-week journey, which begins on January 26, 2018. Please click below and view a 2 1/2 minute video “hello” I recorded for you.

Are you feeling excited?! Hope so! Here is a Ready Checklist to help you get prepared.

The pages in this area of our site are provided to support you with a successful start. However, please remember that there is a world of knowledge and expertise out there for you to tap into! Do web searches to find resources and get your questions answered. Follow people on Twitter who are experienced with the blogging platform you choose. You’ll learn so much more from them than you will from just us. 🙂 Tap into the collective wisdom of the web!

Please read the pages below to get ready!

Building your digital identity

Social media principles for professional growth

What is a blog?

Why do educators blog?

What are the benefits of having students blog?

Thoughts to consider