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Prompt #1: What do you know now that you wish you had known then?

Making connections across different points in time is a powerful reflective practice. Your first prompt will encourage you to think back on your life and identify aspects of your personal and professional growth. Identify a time in your past and think critically about differences between then and now. How have you changed? What do you know now that you wish you had known then about yourself, your profession, other people, technology, or life in general?

You may be as creative as you’d like in your blog post. You may choose to integrate a brief video to enhance your writing or embed an image that contextualizes your reflections. Have fun. 🙂

This prompt will also serve as an ice breaker for our learning community. By reading each others’ posts and leaving comments on them, you will get to know one another and begin to make meaningful connections.

Things to keep in mind for your post:

If you need some help this week…

  • Post in the Q&A Discussion: Navigate over to our Canvas Course (be sure you’ve self-enrolled using the link I emailed to you). From the homepage, click on Discussions in the left navigation menu and add your question to the Q&A discussion.
  • Join the live Q&A support session on Tuesday: I will be attending the ELI conference in New Orleans next week and Todd Conaway has generously offered to lead a support session in our Club Lounge on Tuesday, 1/30 2pm PT/ 5pm ET.  Join in and ask your questions live. To get to our Club Lounge, log into our Canvas Course and click on Club Lounge in the left navigation.  Let’s hear it for Todd’s awesome community contribution! Thanks, Todd!

Before next Friday, February 2nd:

  1. Write and publish a post on your own blog in response to this prompt. Be sure to add the tag #CCCWrite to your post.
  2. Tweet the link to your post (not the link to your blog, but your specific post) and include the hashtag #CCCWrite.
  3. Comment on your peers’ CCCWrite blog posts! Each week, be sure to read and comment on several of your peers’ posts. Getting comments is one of the most rewarding parts of blogging and these interactions are what will make you feel like you are part of a community of your peers. There are several ways you can follow and interact with our CCCWrite posts.  Choose the option below that works for you or try them all!
    • View and interact with the posts from the #CCCWrite blog post feed (curated by Laura Gibbs using Inoreader)
    • View and interact with the #CCCWrite Twitter feed.
    • Follow the CCCWrite RSS feed in your own RSS reader (or smart reader) app. A smart reader is an application that “catches” all of the podcasts, blogs, and other feeds you regularly read. If you don’t have one, give Feedly a try. Follow these steps.
      • Download the free Feedly app to your mobile device or create an account using the Feedly web application.
      • an RSS feed (or “smart reader”) like Feedly to catch the #CCCWrite posts. To do so, download Feedly (or your favorite smart reader app) and enter this feed URL:
        • Download the Feedly app or create an account here.
        • When prompted to follow a source, enter this feed URL (created by Laura Gibbs using Inoreader):
        • Now you interact with our blog post feed using Feedly on your computer, tablet, and/or phone.
  4. Reply to every comment you receive on your blog. Don’t leave your peers hanging! Be mindful and appreciative of the time your peers have taken to read and comment on your thoughts. Be considerate of their view points and ask for clarification if you don’t quite understand their point of view or want to learn more.

These four steps are also available on the Weekly Assignment list.

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