Reminder: Live Support Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday

Reminder: Live Support Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday

Wow! What an exciting first week we are having. I’m having such enjoyment reading your first posts and seeing all the great interactions fill our Comment feed. I’ve been reflecting on many of the posts I’ve ready so far.

If you are feeling some struggles getting going, please take a deep breath and know the first week is always the toughest. You are learning new things, solving problems, moving outside of your comfort zone, and working on integrating your online practices into your regular, daily routine. Hang in there — you’ve got this!

And we’ve got you if you need some live support. Here are two options you may take advantage of this week to get your questions answered.

Week 1: Club Lounge Support Sessions

  • Today, Tuesday, 1/30 at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET (led by Todd Conaway)
  • Thursday, 2/1 at 3pm PT/ 6pm ET (led by Michelle)

To join a session, log into our Canvas Course and click on Club Lounge in the left navigation menu.

Here are some alternative ways to get support too.

Prompt 2 will arrive on Friday. Happy blogging!

keep exploring

Some Comments about Comments


Some Comments about Comments

I hope you are enjoying seeing new posts flow through blog feed! I’m writing this post to give you an update and few tips.

Comments Feed

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have added a new widget in the right sidebar that is titled “Comments on #CCCWrite Blogs” (thanks again, here, go to Laura Gibbs!). This area will show all comments on our members blogs. There are a few stipulations I’d like to make about this feed, however:

  • If you receive comments on your posts that are not #CCCWrite related, they will still show here. There is no way to parse out those comments.
  • If you are using Wix, Weebly, or Medium as your blogging platform, unfortunately, your comments will not appear in the comments feed. This is due to the way the different blogging platforms handle the RSS feed for the comments. I encourage everyone to try different ways of engaging with blogs each week (the blog feed, the Twitter feed, even mosey over to our Members Roster and explore the blogs of folks located near you or really far away).

The Commenting “Experience”

It is typical for a blog to require a commenter to enter a name, email, the comment, and complete a Captcha (anti-spam test). However, as we navigate the different blogs, we’re finding that some of you have set your comments up in such a way that it requires a user to log-in to leave a comment. If you require commenters to log in, it will significantly reduce the number of comments you receive.  If you are wondering what the experience is like for a commenter on your blog, open an incognito or private browsing window in your browser, navigate to your blog, and try leaving a comment. That’s a great test for everyone to do! If you are confronted with a log-in screen, I recommend you visit the commenting settings in your blogging platform and see if you can adjust them.

Twitter or Post?

Interactions on Twitter are great! But please leave your comments for each other directly on their blog posts. This ensures that more conversations can develop in the comment area. Think of Twitter as our backchannel and a place where you can follow your peers and build your professional learning network, which will stick with you long after our Club is over.

Finally, if all this feels kind of messy, you’re right! Remember, learning should be messy. If it isn’t probably doing something wrong. I know there are things that can be improved with this process and I will be reaching out to ask for your feedback so keep those suggestions in mind!

That’s all for now! Have a lovely weekend, everyone.



Complete the Ready Checklist

Complete the Ready Checklist!

Complete the Ready Checklist!


I’m so happy you are here! Take some time to explore this site, which will serve as the central hub for the @ONE Reflective Writing Club.  We have people joining every day and I will be using this blog as our communication hub. Please “Subscribe to the Reflective Writing Club” blog now using the form in the right column of the post page.

Next, complete the items on the Ready Checklist by January 26th and you’ll be in great shape!

Be sure to encourage your colleagues to join us by signing up soon so they’re ready to go on the 26th.

Questions can be posted in our Canvas course (see your email for the self-enrollment link), on Twitter with our hashtag #CCCLearn, or if they’re personal in nature, you’re welcome to email me directly.